About Us

As you may know, Mexico City is popular for many things. If you drive down any street in Mexico City you will find that 3 things cover the streets: Taxi Cabs, Taco Stands and Torta Stands!

Tortugas opened in February 2016 with the idea of bringing a taste of Mexico City to Pasadena! When opening, we realized it is a lot harder to make a good torta than a good taco, so we decided to make various trips to Mexico City to learn how to build the perfect torta. At Tortugas, we use local ingredients to assure our guests are receiving the best quality product each time they bite in to a delicious torta!










What is a Torta?
A Torta is a sandwich served on an oval-shaped roll, called Telera. Having the perfect Telera is important because it holds all the ingredients together, and fits perfectly in your hand.  Tortas can be served hot or cold, grilled or toasted and garnished with avocado, different types of Mexican Cheeses, Jalapeños, Tomatoes, Onions, and Chipotle Mayo. Our Tortas are smothered with refried Chipotle Beans on one side and then complimented with the customer’s choice of meat(s) …hungry yet?